Supporting the Council Rights-of-Way teams by reporting and fixing issues on bridleways 
While we’re out on our guided rides we often spot issues that need sorting out on the bridleways - and try to do something about them. 
On our Wolds ride yesterday Janet at last remembered to take a tape measure and confirmed that a new gatepost in Frendal Dale has narrowed a gateway to only 44 inches wide, which is not legal for bridleways - there should be at least 60 inches between the posts. You can squeeze through with care and a calm horse - but the ground is extremely poached up and muddy there, so it isn’t appealing to dismount. A report has already gone to the East Riding Rights-of-Way team on that one. 
Meanwhile, Bill was out on the same day fixing gates on the Marton to Normanby bridleway in the Vale of Pickering. He’s doing this under North Yorkshire’s Path Keeper scheme which the Ryedale Bridleways Group has signed up to (Bill is Chair of the group).  
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